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Madelyn Presley

I’m not sure what I’d be! For me, the song does not have to be perfect, just as long as the timing is correct. I do use YouTube for some songs, but only to hear how it goes and to listen to the timing. Also to just enjoy the song(s). I don’t do this for all songs though, since I have some on my iPod. Some songs I might take my time on, if I’m learning it just for fun, and others I’ll push myself some if I have a deadline for it, like a recital or my cousin’s wedding. The ones that I learn for fun, however, I learned very quickly. Two songs, one five-page and the other three-page, I learned in two to three days. One song, that was also five pages but much more complicated, I learned in three weeks. Other songs have taken me a few months to learn, but it all depends on the song and my eagerness to learn it. What type of player do you think I am?

Everything that I mentioned was for piano. Technically, I just picked up the violin yesterday…..