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Madelyn Presley

Hi! My name is Maddie! I’m from Central Virginia! When I was in first grade, I took piano lessons at my old school. That continued till fourth grade, when I started homeschooling. I took violin lessons then, starting in either fourth or fifth grade, from a girl who used to go to my church. I continued in that till about sixth grade, when I quit because I had lost interest in playing the violin. This was due to my violin teacher keeping me on the same song for five weeks until I could play the song the way she played it, rather than developing my own style. I started taking piano lessons again during the second semester of sixth grade, from the same lady who used to teach me. I have continued taking lessons from her, and will continue till the end of next school year, when I graduate high school. Recently, I have decided that I’d like to pick up violin playing again, especially fiddle-style. I’d also like to join my pastor’s bluegrass gospel group, but only once I get the hang of playing again.