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Phillip Sindlinger

Bethany, it is cool that you live in Oregon. How far from the PCT is it? (A week ago, I rented the DVD “Wild.” after finishing the book.)

I have played violin for a time. I also enjoy a few Irish fiddle tunes that are on the easy side: “Drowsy Maggie” remains my favorite one. However, anything from the 19th century from the land of Y.B Yeats remains totally cool for me. I will send you a few lines from him some day.

Once, I think five years ago, in front of about 500 or so people assembled in a middle school gymnasium for a talent show, I played a strange medley of four fiddle tunes. i had no accompaniment or support other than a hundred or so clapping hands: “Yankee Doodle,” “Turkey in the Hay,” Drowsy Maggie,” and “Blackberry Blossom.” Why these tunes got merged together I cannot yet narrate.

B the way, where in Hades does anyone find blackberries naturally? It is for sure not here in the Mohave Desert. By the way, I like your. photo; I hope you get many great spirits with or without keyboards in the wild.