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Hi musicalmarie1,
I agree with Tracye…the try before you buy program Michael has is really great. And I too would recommend checking out the Elda Marina…I borrowed it and fell in love with it right away. The sound is so deep and rich, which is just what I was looking for and it sounds like what you are looking for too. I totally understand the emotional attachment to your great uncle’s violin! But I imagine he would free you to pursue another instrument which suits your ear better. 🙂 And you can always keep his as the treasure that it is. I took the Marina to my local music store while I had it on loan and played all their high-end violins and each time as I compared them to the Elda Marina it was always the Marina that had the richest tone. It played so beautifully and even seemed easier to play that my old (antique) violin and it was definitely more enjoyable! It really is quite amazing the difference a better quality instrument can make.
Wishing you all the best.