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Michael Sanchez

Thanks for the post Jim! It has been a very rewarding experience seeing you go through the steps these past couple of years. You are a positive testimony to many players out there!

I find that many students in their 50’s+ give up vibrato, thinking they just can’t do it. This is far from the truth as I believe anybody can do vibrato with proper fundamentals (including those that start at a later age). The only thing I would say about a student in their 50’s+ is that you have to work a little bit harder regarding not overly pressing on the fingerboard (compared to someone with soft hands). I find (for whatever reason), students in their 50’s+ press down on the fingerboard too hard, thus restricting their vibrato potential. This causes tension in the hand that makes it virtually impossible to move fluidly to create the wave. You have to aim each finger placement on the tip of each string (right before the nail) to create the best potential for vibrato. This limits hand tension and makes it easier to create a beautiful/consistent vibrato. This is just one step on the process.

I actually have a couple of really good videos on vibrato that I want you guys to check out. I created over 25 videos down in Indianapolis for the “Fiddle for Dummies” book, and these are the two videos I created on vibrato. It includes three different camera angles of the hand and if you follow these two videos to a science, I can almost guarantee you success!

Vibrato Video #1 – Fiddle for Dummies Book
Vibrato Video #2 – Fiddle for Dummies Book

The videos above break down learning vibrato into steps,including everything you should be working on and/or considering. Remember it takes time like Jim said in his post. Enjoy, and let me know if you guys have any questions.

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