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April Ellis

Hey J! Thanks for the post! It’s great to hear that from you! It gives me extra encouragement! (Michael’s initial post did that as well, but when hearing from a student near your age bracket speaks up, it gives my heart hope!) I’ll be watching the video in full on it this week. Haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and do that yet, but I plan on doing it this week, and starting to practice. I fully agree that there are songs that sound better, more rich, and full of body with vibrato! I’ve been working on a rather difficult song in Bb, (that key is super hard for me, as my hands are rather small, and it’s hard for me to reach certain notes), but there are a few spots in it where a vibrato would be amazing. So, thank you so much J for the encouraging response! I fully plan on tackling this, and will learn and achieve it!