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Michael Sanchez

There is quite a significant difference between the sound of both the Damiano and the Marina. Let me weigh in…

The Damiano – This instrument has maximum projection and is great for students looking for something bright, and at the same time want something that will produce a clean and pure sound. It is a great instrument for players of all levels if they are interested achieving a louder/stronger tone. It also has characteristics of being warm/deep, but not as much as the Marina. There are many university level players that have chosen the Damiano after originally looking in the 5K+ range. It is excellent value for the sound quality.

The Marina – This instrument has more of a blending tone, and has a beautiful quilted maple back. It is very rich/deep, and is very easy to play across the register. It typically is preferred by beginner players that are interested in a violin that has a very nice deep/rich sound, but don’t necessarily want to blow away their neighbors. Many people have taken my Marina and compared it to others and more times than not chose the Marina when there are many other candidates. It just sings and has a unique/beautiful sound. Many of you guys own one so feel free to weigh in!

I like to send out both instruments for students to try out. It allows them to figure out which type of sound they might prefer, as there is only so much you can say until you try them. What I can say is that they have very different sounds, and both are excellent for the price. I have many customers satisfied with either the Marina or the Damiano all over the world. I would only recommend the best to you guys!