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Michael Sanchez

All you do is have your child hold the violin like normal, and then take their right hand and ask them to stretch it around the scroll of the violin. If they can completely reach around the scroll, it is a good size. If there is still significant bend in their arm, the size is too small. Here is also general criteria for knowing what size your child is most likely in.

Age 4- 1/16 size
Age 4-6 – 1/8 Size
Age 6-8 – 1/4 Size
Age 8-10 – 1/2 Size
Age 10-12 – 3/4 Size
Age 12+ Full Size

If your child is on the small size, you might lean one size smaller. If your child is big for their age, usually one size bigger works. If they are normal size, the criteria above normally works.