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Michael Sanchez

Glad you had a good experience with me Margaret! The Elda Marina violin is truly beautiful and is an instrument that I personally branded for Superior Violins last year. The richness/depth on every string is what really makes it stand apart compared to other instruments in the price range.

There are many different types of violins out there and I would sound very biased if I only recommended my own. I am the owner of Superior Violins and a lot of efforts in my business are to find some of the best instruments out there. We went to NAAM this past year, and with the help of Gregory Maytan (master violinist), we were able to find 3-4 dealers that had some outstanding quality instruments. I believe there are other shops out there using these dealers as well, but I hope I will always stand apart as much as possible as someone that will always value customer service and quality.

Check out our about us page to learn more about my company! The guy on the left is the master violinist Gregory Maytan who is the professor of violin at Grand Valley State University. He has is doctorate in violin performance, and is a great resource for us. I’m the guy in the middle, and the guy on the right is 15% partner in the business. He runs west coast operations for our instruments and has 7 kids that all help out with the process!