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My name is Charlie, I live in the Branson, MO area. I have been playing guitar and most other strings for over 50 years and about 5 years ago decided to learn the fiddle… I rreally thought I could get it down to passable in a few months!! Haha..that aint NEVER gonna happen! I play mostly Bluegrass and Old TIme Fiddle and have some pretty good mentors that I play with sometimes weekly or more.. They mostly just laugh..and show me the right way to play a tune! I go to as many jams as I can always looking to pick up a new lick or way to do a lick. I am a believer in ‘Less is More’, most of the time, preferring to keep pretty much to the melody line. Jams are supposed to be fun, and playing simple jam friendly songs makes them fun. I enjoy playing with people I dont know, just to see different styles and tunes.
Hope to enjoy this site and maybe learn how to put some vibrato in my music!