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Great advice Mike! I play in lots of jams (mostly guitar) but during the past 5 years I have working on the fiddle. It has been my experience that in a “normal” jam…if there is such an animal…that the ‘less’ players are much easier to follow and usually makes the tune sound the best! Some will play a run through the melody then take off of scales. This is ok I guess, as long as there are a few really good guitar players to follow. But most of the time jammers are a group of musicians that follow the melody line, and any big seperation from that looses them. Then the tune falls apart and everyone sounds bad. Whether I am picking the guitar or dragging the bow, I try to stay real close to the melody so everyone can play and stay up with the tune. There is a time for “hotlicks”..but more often than not a good melody ride is better..at least in my opinion!