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Michael Sanchez

My suggestion is to split up your mindset when you are practicing into three parts.

Practicing Sector #1 – This is when you work on technique. Things included here would be drills, scales and anything related to fundamentals of playing. Spend the first third of your practice in this mindset. This is going to help improve your sound quality and overall playing ability over time.

Practicing Sector #2 – This is when you think less technique, and more about notes and rhythms in songs. If you can tolerate it, I suggest working on an etude (any exercise) and/or a challenging song that you have to work on music reading. You can choose any of the styles you mentioned above for this practice sector as long as it is challenging enough, and will push your ability. Spend the second third of your practice time in this sector.

Practicing Sector #3 – This is the music performance sector, where you should take any sort of fundamentals out of your mind. If you are the type of player that is very technical (wants to do everything perfect when they play), this will be challenging. For you Jude, I have the feeling this will be easier as you sound like a more musical type player at heart. This area is when you should take out fun pieces you have played in the past, and try to make the sound beautiful (based on your current ability). Don’t choose anything too difficult as you want to be able to think less about specifics of playing, and more about overall feel. Do the best you can to create a beautiful musical sound by staying relaxed, memorizing your piece, and/or playing for others. This is when you train to create a musical sound, and not think so robotic which can limit sound production (and ability to make playing fun). Spend the last third of your practice time in this area. If this sector is a struggle for you, start slow with one goal!

Each of these sectors are equally important to satisfy what you are looking to do. Progress at an efficient rate, and have fun learning songs along the way. Hope this helps!