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Eric Dugas

I am Eric Dugas. I have a musical background from my childhood and my adolescence. I played piano and guitar. I also tried the violin but only for a very short time. I did not thought that this instrument was for me. Before I reached 20, I forgot about music. I decided to try to play violin again in 2013. Discovering Michael Sanchez’ activities on the Internet made the difference and gave me the motivation and the help to decide to learn more and not giving up.

I live in Canada, in the province of Québec and I speak french. I am sorry for this, but I am not good in english. I can make important mistakes, I don’t understand everything that people say and I have a little difficulty to find my words.

I am very happy to be part of the «community» of students of ViolinTutorPro and to discover this new version of the Internet site.