#1972 Reply

Kay Chang

The differences between the 4 violins is great. Of course, for comparison it makes sense to show ones far apart. My second comment was more about how you, having an ear trained to it, would be able to pick out differences between say, a $2,500 and a $3000 violin. But I would not necessarily be able to.
I liked the sound of the Viviano best. Rich and smooth, like expensive chocolate! I could definitely tell that the 4th one projected more. It makes me think of the difference between Grace and Hannah’s violins. Hannah’s sounds more like the Viviano to me, but Grace’s has a lot more projection, but lacks some of the smooth richness of Hannah’s. I’ve always thought of Grace’s as being the better for a solo with an orchestra, but playing on one’s own, Hannah’s wins hands down. We bought them both in Taiwan. The whole transaction was done in chinese, so I missed how much they cost and it seemed rude to ask my mother-in-law later what they cost.