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Michael Sanchez

Hey Mary, I don’t have any recordings of it. It is a super bright violin, so definitely ideal for someone that wants maximum loudness. I tend to promote the Tia Bruna more than the Petrov, but I do like having the Petrov around as it is a nice German instrument (beautifully antiqued). My suggestion if you are interested in my violins would be to try out the Tia Bruna and Petrov on an in-home trial where you could really test out the differences. It is pretty drastic–if you like a warmer sounding violin, the Tia is definitely a better option. The Petrov is going to be great for the student that like to really project sound.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to give me a call if you want to talk more about this–I have just one Petrov right now and a few Tias. My phone number is 616-299-9196. Have a great day!