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Have you seen Michael’s article, here? I have been wondering about weather conditions and the best way to store my violin, too. I just purchased one of the wall-hanging mounts, but after doing some Internet searching, and a few of the sites recommending keeping your violin in its case always when not in use, I’m not sure that’s the best way to store it.

I started looking for the positive requirements for keeping one’s violin happy. So far as I understand, the two prime ways to keep your violin happy are by maintaining a moderate temperature (my normal 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit may be too cool, I don’t know, as of yet); and allowing your instrument to adjust slowly to any wide variations in climate conditions.

Because I live in Southeast Texas, home to more species of mold than anywhere else in the United States, I am extremely loath to use the Dampits, due to the risk of transferring spores and then incrementally encouraging mold growth. So I purchased a hygrometer for my living room (this set of three, since I’m concerned about fluctuations near the large window where I want to hang my violin and want to spot check conditions there relative to other locations in the room), and another for directly near my violin, to check and double-check it’s happy.

If any of you has or comes across any more good information, please do share, because I think we all share an interest in protecting our investments! 🙂