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I can rap and play the violin. It’s something that takes a lot of brain power, but once you can wrap your mind around it, it’s pretty easy. I do play classical music and I was classically trained, but on my own time, I play Twenty One Pilots songs and learn them by ear. That’s when I realized that I could probably sing and play. The first one I tried to sing with was Message Man. I play the background music on my violin, then sing the rap part of the song. One thing that is important for singing and playing is to make sure that you don’t play the same rhythm or pitch of which you’re playing. If you do that, then you could be singing one note, and playing the same note, but in a different octave or even in the same octave and it will sound weird. So make sure that you play something else than what you are singing. Sorry if that was confusing, I’m terrible at explaining things.