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Suzanne Cox

You will be a lot happier playing with a nice shoulder rest I think! It will be worth it to re-train your muscle memory. As you work to re-establish muscle memory, this exercise might be helpful.

Think of an airplane flying and turning through the sky. Pretend your right arm is an airplane wing. Tip up to the G string, close your eyes, and memorize this angle. Don’t play, just set your bow on the string in the middle of the bow. Tell your muscles “This is where G string lives”. Then tilt to D, A, and E repeating the mental exercise of teaching your muscles the angles. Then try mixing them up, A, G, E, D for example. Once you really know the angles for the middle of the bow, I would practice the same way at the Frog and again at the Tip. Finally, try playing open strings with each of these angles, really focusing on the angle. This should really help with cleaning up your string crossings. You will notice there is quite a difference in angle, several inches between strings. When you are playing notes especially, a flexible and fluid wrist helps tremendously with string crossings as well.

Suzanne Cox
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