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Thank you JesseJames. Good luck as well.

Almost after 7 years, I moved from Los Angeles to my birth city – Houston. My first job was writing quartets for some film that went to Asia for some film festival. I arrived on the project late and there was no room in the budget for a composer. Instead the director gave me a violin, bow, and case. It wasn’t worth more than a few hundred, yet I worked my chin off. Almost exactly seven years later I was moving to an apartment. My car was filled to the grill. Being summer in Houston with no AC in the vehicle, I had my windows rolled down. Foolishly, I had placed the instrument in the back on top of a box. … Hit a slight bump and the violin jumped into Hwy traffic. I turned my head yet saw nothing. The loud puncture of the case erupted as the dull sound of muted, strung strings collapsing; popping and pulled by the tired behind.