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Suzanne Cox

Wow, such a caring community here! I love that!! Kevin thank you for your thoughts! Jill, it is true, as I stated in a comment on one of your Workshopping the Kowalski videos, your whole face lit up with pleasure as you played it. I saw the love and enjoyment in your face in those videos.

I played over 100 violins when I was searching for mine. It was exhausting in every way imaginable! (Can you imagine going on a date with 100 guys looking for the right boyfriend! LOL) I knew what I was looking for though and when I found her, the decision was easy. I feared to look at the price tag because I knew I was taking that violin home if possible. (Thankfully it was within my price range!)

You have an advantage here in that someone you trust, Michael, has already sorted through the mediocre violins and is only offering you those of high character, worthy of a love affair.

So I join the others in asking, which violin speaks to your heart? Which violin is going to share those special practice/playing moments with you over the years? Which violin is going to inspire you and bring out the best in you?

It sounds like you may have already come to a decision, but I offer these thoughts just the same.