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Kevin DeSilva

My beautiful and amazing Jill,

What a wonderful comparison! … Don’t worry about the nervousness …. I remember experiencing a similar thing when I first began with Public Speaking – you are amongst friends here <3

There are great comments already here and I do not wish to restate what has already been suggested so beautifully but, I will re-examine a little in offering my own views.

Life with a Voilin is a journey without destination …. a never ending journey of love shared.

You have asked us to compare the Violins and they all have their own uniqueness …… to me, I prefer the richness and dark, velvety texture of the Kowalski’s Voice but we now get to my first suggestion:

Each Violin has a unique Harmonic “Om” …. that Frequency should be in tune with the Harmonic of your own Heart. If this is not so, there will be discord and a sour relationship will result … and, soon, you will turn your back on that relationship.

However, if the frequency of your heart and the Frequency of the Violin are in Harmony …… WONDERFUL things can happen!!!!!.

So, my question to you is this: When you listen to your heart – what is it telling you? … Are you feeling a schoolgirl crush or are you feeling a Love as far reaching and deep as the Universe itself?

Every now and again, a Special Violin will come into our lives …. we never know when this will happen but, when it does, we KNOW it deep down inside – within the deepest part of our Heart … with our Soul.

Are you feeling this with one of these Violins? … If so, the answer is easy! ….. If not, that is ok too and we can approach this from another angle.

Regarding your playing being worthy of the Kowalski …… I am about as rank of beginner as you could possibly imagine and I now live with a Ming-Jiang Zhu.

Is my playing wothy of her beautiful voice … no, not at all ……. but, the Love that is generated when I think of her, or attempt to pull a few notes of Pachabel’s Canon out, is simply magical – I can think of no other word ….. she makes me want to be a better Violinist …. she makes me want to create beautiful sounds and dedicate them to Deity (as I see It) … She makes me want to be “better”.

Through my eyes …. a Violin is not a possession or an instrument … she is a life partner … she is a vehicle of expression for the inner music of my Heart which has never found any other way to express itself …. her beautiful voice calms me and fills me with great Joy.

So ….. to answer your question …… remembering that this how I would choose for myself ….

I would choose the Kowalski as there is a much closer Harmonic resonance with the frequency of my own Heart …… no disrespect intended toward the Damiano which also has a wonderful Voice …. it’s just that the Kowalski touches me much more deeply due to the many and varied qualities of her Voice.

Which one calls to you?……. Putting money aside and putting ability aside and personal challenges aside ….. which one is calling to you?

Many Blessings upon your journey, my beautiful Sister.

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