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Suzanne Cox

You gave some great variety of sound from the low register to high. When you played the Damiano the first time (with the scale) it sounded so nice! I really liked the tone you were getting there. It was a lot cleaner/purer tone than your old faithful violin. I have to say, I’m falling in love with that warm sound I hear from the Kowalski! It clearly stands out.

When you played the songs on the Damiano (in your Getting to Know the Damiano videos), I remember feeling like you were getting a nice dark/rich sound. Now I’m hearing that more from the Kowalski. That is the tone that I really like. Mellow, warm, rich…whatever word you like to use to describe it! 🙂

It is certainly worth investing in a nice quality instrument that complements your playing! Even if you were just playing for your own enjoyment, I think you should have a nice instrument. The violin is already difficult to play, if we can eliminate some bad tone by having a nice violin, I’m all for that! You will spend more time with the instrument, enjoy practicing more, and be able to focus your energy on the right techniques instead of wondering if it is just the instruments fault that you aren’t getting the sound you want.

I agree with Dianne, the Kowalski really cleans up your playing significantly!!! I mean, it really compliments you! The Damiano does too, but not to the extent of the Kowalski.