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Dianne Adkins

Round I:
Ricardo Morro – Sweet, mellow but sounds somewhat limited (subdued) on lower end, very tight on the upper register. You’re really going to have to work to make this violin sing.
Damiano – MUCH more projection, therefore potential for tone production and less effort to play. More out of the box sound compared to the Morro, which compared to Damiano its like the sound is inside the violin, not coming out as much as the Damiano. I would tend to try to play very heavy on the low end on the Morro and see if it could even have the capacity to project more or if it would distort sound/tone and pitch instead. Damiano is balanced and well open toned across all registers. It gives much more than the Morro for the same playing energy. And WOW, the upper end is AMAZING. It’s very hard to get projection beyond 5th position like that. The difference is not subtle between these two violins whatsoever.
Kowalski Workshop – This violin is sweeter, and darker, but RICH like a dark chocolate. The sound just melts across the strings. It’s more forgiving than the Damiano, which would keep you honest with your technique but won’t hide a little nervousness or less skill in your playing. The Kowalski uplifts your playing skill by about 5 years instantly, to me. It cleans up any mess you unintentionally leave behind. (and we ALL leave a little mess, trust me)

Round II:
The Damiano booms with ringing tone in comparison to the constricted output of the Morro. There really is very limited tone color coming through on that first violin like the Damiano. With the Damiano I hear clarity, ringing, open sound. And it’s effortless. It reminds my of the rising bubbles in a good champagne. It pops, it’s clear, it has a lot more body. No offense to Old Faithful which has served you well, but in comparison it’s tone is flat.

If you want more richness of tonal color with a little more sweetness (mellow tone) and forgiving playability than the ringy zingy clarity given by the Damiano, I’d go with the Kowalski, no question about it. I’ve commented on most of your other videos Jill, but if you want to talk more about your decision please feel free to email me at dianne@superiorviolins.com

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