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Michael Sanchez

I’m happy you put this video together! Your violin definitely sounds nasally to me, so I can see why you were interested in a new violin. The Damiano is definitely fuller than your current violin–without a doubt. It also has the brightest projection out of the three, and sounds very pure compared to your current violin. In my opinion, the Kowalski workshop has the warmest sound out of the three (and also has balanced projection), so I’m wondering if you prefer the warmer sound of the Kowalski or the brighter tone on the Damiano. The arpeggio you did at the end really showed the quality of the Kowalski–it sounded really great. I also really liked the color of the Kowalski, and that is what made me play it for so long before shipping it out to you. 🙂 Those are my thoughts! I am going to send a message to some of our close followers to also give you feedback, Jill.