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Priscilla Gaskins

I hope you are doing well after that surgery! that sounds like a tough surgery to go thru!
You are welcome to come sit in and observe our group!We have to conductors-Nancy Rubke and William Deal. If you would like to learn another instrument they can help you- There are a lot of adults in grops there and taking private lessons at FIM-private lessons are rather expensive-I take private piano lessons there -I took piano as a child and didnt take much interest but had a good background in theory so started private lessons at FIM for my own improvement and i love it!I take private violin lessons in Grand Blanc from a Korean lady who also teaches piano at FIM- her name is Hyunsoo Kim- she teaches violin at her home and is reasonable with her price-you could consider her if you want to take some private lessons -let me know and I can give you her phone number- she is a very good teacher-I take an hour lesson every Monday morning.I didnt start flute lessons till my middle 50’s so am a late bloomer! Violin is very hard and tedious to learn- really takes a long time and a lot of patience but I love it- also on this site Michael offers a lot of help and videos and you weill learn a lot from him-I have been to his house in Grand Rapids several times