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In 2013 I had a massive heart attack and had to have a five-way heart bypass surgery. During the wait time before the surgery I could only think of one regret: I never learned to play the violin. The heart surgery was successful. And after waiting a couple years I looked into renting a violin. I enjoyed it so much, I bought one that was a step up above the student rental. I have only been practicing once or twice a week for the past year. And I plan to practice more frequently. I played a lot of piano up to twenty years ago. But I lost interest. The music theory learned from the piano really helps my violin practice. I already know how to read the music. And the timing part is review. I also had a semester of music theory and jazz appreciation at Mott Community College in Flint. (again 20+ years ago.)
I will keep New Horizons Band at Flint Institute of Music in mind. But not right now. I need more experience at practicing. I have been focusing on scales and nothing really else. I would like to observe in the meantime. Thank you.