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Priscilla Gaskins

Hi Welcome to the group! I am 69- from Owosso- How long have you been playing violin? This is a great site and Michael Sanchez is wonderful! I have bought 2 bows from him and just got a new violinf – a kowalski- from him-I had just gotten a Damiano when he showed me the Kowalski-If you want a good deal on bows or violins get them from him!
Also do you have wednesday nights from 6:30-8 pm free? If so would love for you to join the New Horizons Band at FIM in Flint-it is an international all adult band-doesnt matter how much experience you have had- and no pressure to play well-year before last we only had one stringed instrument- cello-last year a lady joined who was gonna play violin but switched to clarinet-I play flute in the band but if you could join i would try violin -I have not been playing but 3 years and still taking lessons.Do you play any other instrument?you would be welcome in the band- the cost is $65/year-we dont play in the summer-we start again Sept 19-if interested go to FIM and register or you are welcome to come just observe and see if you would like it- sure you will!!