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Suzanne Cox

Hey Jill,

Love hearing you play with the background tracks. So awesome!

So I pulled up all 4 of your Damiano videos and all 3 of your Kowalski videos and switched back and forth between them. They both sound great! But SO different. I have to say, this video was my favorite of them all. The Damiano seems to have a rich dark sound (which I really like), I feel like this Kowalski has a sweeter bright sound. Which one do you like? I am noticing a great big smile on your face at the beginning of each of these Kowalski videos! You look excited and seem to be enjoying it, am I right? 🙂 You have to choose the sound that you like. I picked my violin out with my heart set on the deepest, richest sound I could find in my price range.

Love your optimism with your violin playing! I can see you get a lot of joy from playing which is awesome. The only thing standing out to me is your bowing is crooked and slides a little bit sometimes. I think that is partly due to having to sit down to play possibly. I don’t know if there is any way to get more freedom for your bow movement or not. I’m really glad to see you using lots of bow in spite of these challenges though! Great job.