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Suzanne Cox

Hello PClark,

Thanks for sharing your video! Great to hear you play. You’re playing at a confident tempo, getting a pretty good tone, and you look pretty comfortable holding the violin. Great work!

Take a little more time to set your bow before you start. You want to get a nice “attack” on that first note. Practice that first note, on an up bow, over and over. You want the first note and the last note to both sound very confident.

To clean up the string crossings, try this exercise I call Airplane Wing. Set the bow on the string in the middle of the bow and just tip to the angle of each string, pausing for a moment to establish muscle memory of each angle. Repeat at the tip and the frog. A flexible L.H. wrist will also help with string crossings.

I like that you kept going when you bumped a wrong note, great! Playing through mistakes is an important practice to adopt. Otherwise, we just teach our muscles that the mistake is actually part of the piece. Get past the mistake, then go back and try again to get it right.

Try to sink the bow into the string a little more by relaxing all of the weight from your shoulder, down through the arm, into your bow hand. Sometimes it is helpful to imagine a heavy weight is hanging down from your Right elbow.

For the left hand, be sure you are not squeezing the strings down by pushing really hard with the fingers. It doesn’t look like you are too much, but I think you could use some relaxation on that side as well. Again, think of the weight of the left arm hanging on the fingerboard to press the strings down. It really doesn’t take much. Just make sure you don’t have your left thumb underneath to press the fingers against. The neck/head should be supporting the instrument, not the left hand. If you can hold the violin easily while taking your left hand away, you’re probably doing the right thing.

I really like the way you are spreading your fingers on the left hand like an accordion fan, that is perfect! Keep up the good work!!

Suzanne Cox
Violin Tutor Pro Teacher