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I think Michael’s point about getting overwhelmed may also be related to reasons I quit. I didn’t see progress toward making a better sound and didn’t understand the reasons (was never told) for some of what my teacher suggested at the end. I had a good sound but nowhere near what I aimed for. I needed a good shoulder rest but was afraid to ask for my parents to spend the money and my teacher never suggested it. I couldn’t understand how to relax and didn’t know the shoulder rest was an issue. My siblings were allowed to tease me when I practiced with no consequences to them. I didn’t have access to music that I enjoyed playing for fun. It became all about others’ desires and I lost touch with what I wanted. Anybody else remember having to carry your violin around school all day and back and forth to home and being teased about it? Too many big and little things and I just snapped! I wish I hadn’t, but couldn’t see any alternative at the time.