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Priscilla Gaskins

Marlayum after all the cheap violins i started with I really think maybe one should start out on a better violin-I always had a hard time getting the tone I wanted-but never could and went from cheap to cheap-I did not have the money to buy anything expensive-still dont! But since meeting Michael I have finally gotten the love of my life-I will be more in debt for a while-I traded in a Sandro Luciano i got from my luthier-he gave me a trade in on my 2 cheap violins-and got the Sandro Luciano for $600- which i thought was expensive! Well traded that in for a Damiano -loved it but then Michael says he has one he wants me to try- so goodbye Damiano and hello Kowalski!! Now I love practicing and have the tone I have been looking for-If I could have had this my whole time learning i may have progressed more!!! Also Michael has helped me with a good bow- so Thanks to Michael I am still in debt but I am happy!