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Scott Adams

Westley – A violin bow weight typically averages around 60 grams (+/- a couple grams). As each bow, even of the same type, will vary slightly, I cannot comment on the weight of the Pietro you currently have. Are you experiencing issues with getting the bow to track properly, or trouble bringing out tone in all of the strings?

As for the strings, Damianos are typically setup with a complete set of Thomastik Dominant strings. This is most likely what you have. If you like, you can check this link to verify the string type using peg and ball-end color identifiers: http://www.violinstringreview.com/string-color-id.html

The G, D, and A Dominant strings are fairly universally loved, though will remain somewhat bright and metallic for a week or so. I would encourage you not to make any definitive judgements on the instrument’s overall tone until the strings settle in properly. Give it at least 1-2 weeks to allow it to open up all the way. Dominants tend to mellow out into a beautiful, round tone. As for the Dominant E string, many do take issue with it being a bit harsher tone compared with the rest of the set. It’s commonly replaced with another single E string. You may find a Hill Medium or Pirastro Gold E strings to be a good match to the set. I currently have a Hill medium on my 5-string Damiano. The Warchal Amber E is another unique choice that would compliment the livelier qualities of the instrument.

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