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Hi Scott, I’m a Damiano owner, at least on trial now. Finally got the strings to stay in tune with the help of winding/unwinding the strings, peg dope and peg drops. Phew!

With that said, it has some rich qualities and overtones. The strings seem to ring quite a while, especially the Fifths? The D on the A string for example. I’m just curious what are the other players experience.

My concern at the moment is that the bow I was shipped with, the carmela pietro bow, was a little bit light. Any idea what the weight of that bow is? I tried a bow recently at a store, and it weighed 62.6 grams. That felt like a nice heavier bow.

Additionally, the E string seems quite a bit more.. shrill perhaps? Any way to fix it? It’s in tune tho. I forgot what strings they were shipped in, but they’re supposed to be new.