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Suzanne Cox

This is a great topic! I loved reading some of your answers as well. Staying motivated can be tough, especially if you don’t have a way to gauge your progress. I try to provide this for my students by taking video footage of their playing periodically. That way, when they are feeling discouraged, I can pull up a video from 6 months ago, or maybe a year.

Personally, I am a check list person. For my practicing, I do best with a weekly practice sheet where I plan out my goals for the week, and then check off my progress as I go. Those goals can range from “Minutes practiced” to “Learn 5 measure a day”.

It is always good to keep things fresh, providing yourself with inspiration. Attend a live concert or pull up some videos of your favorite violinists on YouTube. Remind yourself why you wanted to start playing in the first place!

Suzanne, Violin Tutor Pro Instructor