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Dianne Adkins

Hi! I’m sure lots of our experts will weigh in on this topic. I just wanted to share a video demonstrating a child, who has small hands, handle the bow without difficulty using the Franco Belgian bow grip. I only watched the first 10 minutes and forgot the topic of this thread, lol. But really, the fingers of the bow hand will stretch slightly when at the very tip of the bow. However I think the primary difference is the approach to the bow. While the Franco Belgian grip leans back toward the pinkie more than the Russian bow grip, it allows for a low elbow, fostering relaxation of the bow arm and the use of weight instead of pressure for tone production. The Franco Belgian grip also rolls the hand back in relation to the bow stick, than the Russian grip. This also enables a low arm, less overall ‘carrying’ of the bow and more ‘lifting’ it from the natural born strength of the bow thumb. I have seen variations of the Russian bow grip that cause the wrist to curl drastically, which is potential for tension. The Russian grip, I think is rarely taught nowadays. I include a good article on the topic and it has good discussion from pro violinists.