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Great recording!

There are a few things that I noticed. Try tackling each one, one at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
-You tend to play only in the upper half of your bow. Especially for the longer notes, try to go all the way to the frog. I like to think about getting my wrist to touch my nose. Of course that will never actually happen, but it works to fix the problem!

-You have a good start on vibrato, but it sounds a bit inconsistent. Like there’s not much of it at the beginning of a note, then it grows. Try practicing vibrato going back and forth, one finger at a time (1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1). Think about keeping the vibrato the same as you put down or take off the next finger.

-Your dynamics are the same throughout. Go through the sheet music and see where it wants to grow louder and softer. I find it helps if you sing through it because the voice has a way of revealing phrase structure. Playing closer to the frog will help if you wish to play louder.

-There are times when your intonation is off. Try comparing your notes with a piano or piano app, one bar at a time and adjust accordingly. Then try to go over the again without having to adjust. Keep repeating until your fingers get into the right spots without needing to be adjusted after landing. Think about your overall hand shape and where your fingers need to go next before they make it there, that way they don’t have far to travel when you need to put them down. Likely there will be spots where adjusting is unavoidable, everyone has them. The key to good intonation is keeping your fingers close to the strings and training them to make as few adjustments as possible.