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Nothing can substitute for a physical teacher, adjusting your hands and guiding you like a private studio teacher. At Violin Tutor Pro, we provide the next best thing when and if you can’t afford, or for some reason, just can’t arrange a private studio teacher. There are lots of people around the world in that very position.

So we have a team of able teachers, including myself, at the ready to answer questions, and provide feedback when you request it. As you have found, these forums are a great resource to ask questions and share ideas with a community. We also have Facebook groups to fit your special interests, and a youtube channel where Michael updates content daily. We also have a deep level Learning Program that outlines what to do step by step with video instruction from beginner to advanced levels for a small monthly fee.
Whether you have a private teacher or are just self learning, we try to cover all the bases and enhance your experience as you study violin.