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When it comes to wood, it’s not necessarily the best country, but the brand of violin you need to watch out for. Although I know China doesn’t have the best reputation for using the correct wood. (not all chinese violins are bad, some are amazing, that’s just the reputation). What you should be looking for is that the instrument is made out of real maple and spruce. There are some cheap knock off violins (also known as violin shaped objects) that are not made from these two woods that you need to be careful of. They usually pop up on ebay or sometimes walmart.

At VTP’s store, Superior Violins we have many quality instruments to choose from. You can definitely count on them being made from maple and spruce! https://www.superiorviolins.com/
If you would like to discuss more about them with me, I also help to answer emails and facebook messages. Just send a message and either myself or one of my co-workers will be happy to speak with you!