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Kevin DeSilva

Greetings everyone,

This is the same challenge I am currently facing.

Just recently, I read an article in Strings Magazine which seemed to be quite helpful although it mostly confirmed what I was feeling inside, intuitively speaking.

The approach I am taking is to ask myself what do I want from the strings? …. I want Warmth, Depth, Clarity and Response. These desires lead me to look toward Pirastro’s line of strings

However, this can also be confusing as their Obligato, Violino, Passione Solo and Olive seem to fit my desires in various ways …. the Gold Evah Pirazzis seem to fit the best but, I am a rank beginner and am now taking my research to those more experienced in such things and asking for advice.

So, how can a rank novice like me offer any advice? ….. I would say to follow your heart as your mind will be too attached to your wallet …. in the end, you will be happiest with the sound which best creates that beautiful harmony within your heart.

Many Blessings on your journey – I am looking forward to hearing what you discover.