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I began playing the violin in the 4th or 5th grad and played through the middle of my senior year of high school. I took private lessons and always played in the top level orchestra offered by my school. I loved playing more than practically anything. It was my goal to become a professional player and play all over the country. Unfortunately for my senior year of high school symphony orchestra, I had an absolutely horrible orchestra instructor. He ended turning my love for music into hate. I stopped playing halfway through that year and didn’t pick my violin back up for about 6 years. At times I would often think about how much I had loved to play but I would also remember why I quit. During what I call my “violin glory years” my grandmother and I would get together and play 2-3x a week. She would sit at her piano and I would pull up a chair with my violin. She always encouraged my love for music and would teach me the piano on a weekly basis. She was incredibly sad when I quit playing but told me “Now love, I know your passion for music has been reduced to a smolder, but it will light back up again, it always did for me. We are people who have music in our soul and will always look to music to relax, live, love and heal”. I don’t think I have ever been so happy that she was right! My Gamgam was overjoyed when I called her pearlier this month and asked if she wanted to play like we used. She is 90 years old now and still going strong! I am happy to have our bond of music again.