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Amazing Slow Downer is an application for the computer that will slow down music without distorting it. Will also change the pitch if needed. For example if I have a CD (or other music source, iTunes etc) that I want to learn the song but all of the fiddling parts are always at lightning speed I can play it from Amazing Slow Downer and slow the music down so that I can actually HEAR what is happening or I can Loop a particular part of the song so I can play it over and over until I get it. Also if the music on the source file (CD or whatever) is in the Key of A but all of my music jam partners are playing it in the Key of G then I can change it so I can learn it in the correct Key. Very useful program. I can’t remember what I paid for it but it wasn’t much and WELL WORTH IT. That is essentially what my fiddle teacher did for me, slow everything way way down so that I could learn it. Google it and check into it. I have a Mac but I think it is also available for PC or there is something similar I am sure. Good luck and happy fiddling!