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Diane, I’m afraid I may have started some misunderstanding by a post I put up a few months ago. When I saw this post I wondered if it was a takeoff from my previous post. I respect your perspective and would never refuse to try to learn a piece from a teacher. As a child, I was not even aware of my feelings about some of the music, and honestly some I now realize I disliked though learned to play well; some I probably don’t so much dislike as associate with difficult and painful memories. Certain music is associated with very painful times and triggers reliving those memories. I’m able to enjoy the violin and making its music again. I don’t advocate rebellious attitudes or behavior. I’m very greatful to have the chance to regain some of my skill and build more positive experiences. I felt like a failure because I was only second best violinist in the orchestra even though I was the youngest! Took over 45 years to realize that being second best was an accomplishment and to recognize that I hadn’t liked some of the music. I never had access to music that I could choose then or play for enjoyment. Sorry if my sharing created negativity. I didn’t mean to do that.