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Dianne Adkins

I don’t have any favorites unfortunately. Hopefully some other people will answer. Many years ago, a student’s parent gave me a gift of a book, I believe it was called “The Violin”. When I look for it online now, I can’t find it. I do find an illustrated story that is similar but nowhere near as good as the photographic version. If they are the same book, I don’t know.

It was a thin paperback book with a red cover and an old man playing violin on a park bench. It was a precious story about a little boy and an old man who was a fixture largely ignored in the park by passersby. But the boy always noticed. The man seemed to ignore him, or not notice him, playing his heart out on the violin, then leaving. Every day the same thing. Then one day only the violin is sitting on the park bench, but the man is nowhere to be seen.