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Hi all,
I’m coming back with a new video: “O come, little children. ” It’s been a long time since my last video. I was a bit busy so I take advantage of free time to practice from scale, etude to specific songs. When recording, it gives an overview of myself and check my posture, contact point, sound producing. It is very different from practicing when I just hear the sound and look at the strings. At first, my division of bow length wasn’t reasonable because I saw it led to a bad look. I changed it after watching me through the video. After that, I tried imitating the speed of the sample by playing along the recording, but when I come to play alone, I lose control of the whole process. I made many errors in the video even though it sounds quite similar to the sample. I will try to speed up and still keep control of everything.
Hope you guys enjoy and give me some feedback. Thank you very much!
Dear Ms. Dianne, I still read all your instructions and apply it to my next song. It is very, very specific, small but important thing for my violin journey. I will spend time to note it down in my diary.