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Scott Adams

Hey folks! I’ve been testing out a handful of new strings. Here’s some feedback. I also have a Pirastro Gold Label and Lenzner Goldbrokat 26 left to test out.

Dominant E (heavy gauge): LOUD. Whistles easily. Gritty-sounding and hard to get clear and focused sound. Tone degrades even more the higher up you play.

Warchal Amber E (coiled, medium gauge): Good projection. Really complex overtone spectrum. Resists whistling. A little overwhelming for my particular instrument and string combination. “Straightened” coil has a somewhat-odd feel under the bow. It gets more noticeable when playing with greater bow pressure.

D’Addario Kaplan Wound E (medium gauge): Soft under the fingers. A bit less ringing than plain wire E strings, but doesn’t whistle at all. There’s an odd mixture of sweet and gritty sound in this string. I believe the grit comes from the extra friction from the string’s winding and is mostly heard right under the ear instead of carrying to listeners. I really want to like it, but it’s an odd string.

Hill (medium gauge): Very full tone. Clean under the ears without much bow noise. I wouldn’t call it bright or warm – neutral. This one fits under the umbrella of “what a good E string should sound like.” Really nice, clear and projecting sound in the upper positions. Even though it’s a standard wire E string, It doesn’t easily whistle.