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I start by tuning my violin. Then I put it down. Then I play a few scales. Then I put it down. Then I play some things I feel comfortable with. Then I put it down.Then some new stuff that needs more work. I put it down. Now it is a half hour past bedtime and I play a song I am supposed to be working on, do some rhythm only work, then frequently end with pizzicato on a new piece just to get the left hand better. I am still bad about bowing drills but will get there. I am kind of all over the place and a spaz. But I practice every night after work, which is just before bed (I work incredibly long days). Once I was so tired I was going to bed without practicing and thought “nope, I can’t do this.” I got up and tuned her (I just realized she is a her!) and did a few scales. I guess it’s just like flossing my teeth now. I can’t close my eyes until it has been done:-)