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Yes, four months new, very long old dream that I am realizing at 52
I always thought you had to start really young and be a “prodigy” on the violin so did not think I was “allowed”.. I had some unpleasant piano lesson memories as a child, played my sister’s hand-me-down clarinet for about a year or two in elementary school band. Played a bit of guitar at 15,16,17. Never practiced much of anything, always wanted to be good at stuff but did not realize there is a process involved. I also never studied in school. I got good grades, but had a great almost photographic memory. Then as I aged and went into higher learning and realized you have to work hard and that the act of learning can be fun. Bought myself a beautiful drum set at 25 and played quite a bit for several years and loved it – my teacher was a stickler for reading music, so I can read rhythm fairly well. In my 40’s I took 7 years of voice until my vocal coach unceremoniously threw me out when I gently told him that his yelling at me was making my throat tighten. I was DONE with music after that but could not stop thinking of the violin. So 4 months ago (several years after the voice incident) I signed up for violin in a sudden lightning bolt fashion, rented a violin set and paid my first month’s lessons. I was so terrified of lessons (my teacher is a really nice man) that my hands would shake like crazy and I would play 10 times worse than at home. Finally one lesson about 4 weeks in I told him of my voice experience and he was understanding. I also was afraid he would start yelling at me for not practicing enough and “getting it” so at another lesson I pulled up on my Ipad an oil painting I did 4 years ago (horrible) and one I am finishing now (pretty good). I told him I did not work consistently every day because I have such a busy job, but I did a little very week and improved over time and hope to do so with the violin. I just wanted him to know where I was coming from and what to expect from me. He was kind and understanding and now I know I have a good teacher.
Suddenly I realize this mostly belongs under another topic, but do not feel like erasing it. Hope it helps someone. My musical journey has been about a lot more than music, as I am sure is true for everyone:-)