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I played reasonably well in high school, was 1st chair of 2nd violins, but quit after the orchestra teacher put his arm around me in the practice room and was whispering in my ear. I freaked out and quit after that school year, but didn’t tell my parents why (I really didn’t make the connection myself!) We moved later that year and when I asked to be in orchestra at the new school my mother said she had sold my violin! I later had a violin my grandmother found at a garage sale and one that I inherited but was busy with marriage, job, then kids and divorce, and it had been 10+ years since I played. I was afraid to play when my husband was around because I knew he would make fun of me. I grieved the loss of my violins when he stole them from the house and didn’t return them despite a court order. Always wanted to learn piano and inherited one and made rapid progress because of my music knowledge from violin, even though it had been over 40 years. Found this website through a contest and started reading, refreshing my memory. When I was unreasonably disappointed at not winning, I realized I could try renting one and have been practicing again and purchasing the violin! After 48 years of not playing it is a relief to realize that I had not forgotten everything but also a frustration to remember and work on the skills that were still needed when I quit, especially a good vibrato!