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I wish I could just give you mine and you could try it. It sits in a drawer, and not because I am perfect on the draw with my bow! My teacher did not approve, and I found when I did use it, that all I did was get used to riding up against the bow right as I played, which forced me to keep the bow centered, but it was not really coming from hand control,rather from being steered by the device. I am learning bow control better just by playing pieces with just the bow hand only, and then putting it together with the left hand. Watching in a mirror has also been recommended to me but have not done it consistently. I think maybe the bowright is a good thing for kids who need to be able to get a good sound so that they will stay interested in the instrument. I am a new beginner, so maybe someone else would have some other info about the bowright, or maybe others have found some more creative ways of using it. Good luck!