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I play both styles and have for many years. Most important for fiddle music are the strings and the depths of the C ribs, not the shape of the bridge. For “fiddling” I much prefer a stiff string like Helicore strung on an instrument with deep C ribs. The Helicore strings wear like iron, have a bright sound great for fiddle playing, and give that sound without being harsh. An instrument with deep C ribs will make it easier to make the fast string changes, double stops and exaggerated bow strokes so prevalent in fiddle music.
While multiple violins aren’t mandatory, I have a 1870’s German Maggini model strung with Dominant strings (Kaplan E) for traditional music and a moderately priced Chanot style (corner-less violin) with very deep “C ribs, strung with Helicore strings for a fiddle jam. With the two, I’m ready for just about anything!
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